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Save Me (Remixed)

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    Save Me (Remixed)

    J Knight

    I see you drifting off in your mind. You're thinking of those things that never let us leave them behind.

    You saved me once a upon a time and now I need you more than ever cuz I'm losing my mind.

    Two tales and a heart break. The kind that you will never shake. Adrift in the ocean. Caught up in someone else's wake. We've got to find away back to a different yesterday. One where it's just you and me all alone.

    Save me. Let's run away from all this. Let's get as far away as we can go. Save me. Let's run a way from all this. Let's start a new life away from all we know.

    Verse 2:
    You're dreaming of something you wish you had. A normal peaceful life without this pain that's driving you mad. I'm sinking deeper in the sand and now I need you more than ever cuz you're all that I have.

    There's something that I have to say but the words only get in the way. I owe you peace of mind. Let's sail away tonight. We can leave all this far behind. We can do whatever we think is right. We can run away and start a new life.